Hybrid Generators

Visa Hybrid

A hybrid generator is Ideally suited for off the grid applications for telecommunications, mining & construction companies, as well as an economic & sustainable power solution for rural and island properties.

HTG®  continues to form strong partnerships with world-leading manufacturers with a proven reputation for delivering high-end quality power solutions guaranteed to operate in the worlds harshest conditions. Italian manufacturer Onis Visa has for over half a century been a world renown leader in the design, manufacture of diesel and hybrid generator systems. With its network currently present in more than 80 countries around the world, “ONIS VISA” generators and power stations, range from 9.0 to 3.000 kVA.

Brochure All-in-One Solution


Hybrid Smart Fox is an integrated product that combines in an All-in-One solution a DC variable speed motor, a PMG alternator, deep discharge batteries (Deep-Cycle OPzS/V) and a DC power Distributor. With a single product, the energy input can be managed from different sources (network, or from renewable sources such as solar or wind power) while constantly and reliably feeding your power needs. In addition, since it does not need additional components, it has two advantages: it improves logistics and optimises installation cost.


1. Power range 9 – 20KW

2. DC generator with variable speed diesel engine  / PMG alternator

3. OPzS/Z Ultra-high performance deep cycle batteries

4. Integrated high capacity fuel tank OPTIONS 1000, 2000, 2500 litres

5. Smart touch management controller designed to monitor and analyse data of all components, including external renewable energy sources.

6. 1000 hour Service intervals with 2000 & 4000-hour options available

7. Easily integrated with mains or renewable sources – solar or wind


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