Com-Pak Compressors

HTG  is proud to align itself  with long established Australian manufacturer;

Since 1956 COMPAK has supplied tens of thousands of high quality air compressors, welders and battery chargers to local, national and international industries.

Air Compressor Details


COMPAK compressors are manufactured onsite in their Brisbane factory from the highest quality materials sourced locally and internationally. COMPAK air compressors are built using as much Australian content as possible, ensuring all safety data sheets and test certificates are readily available. 

A key feature of our compressors is their high performance combined with quiet operation. COMPAK air compressors are fully DLI approved for heavy duty, trouble free operation in any industrial situation.

Air Compressor Info


Customers can rely on their COMPAK compressor for years to come as not only do our EM, PM and DM range come with a 24-month warranty, but we also carry a complete range of spare parts and accessories to suit our entire range of compressors.




  • All units feature an Australian made air receiver manufactured to AS1210 boiler specification and approved in all states of Australia.

  • Cartridge style air filters for maximum filtration.

  • Intercooling, markedly reduces moisture content in your lines.

  • Heavy duty, cast iron, precision engineered pump which is protected by a well ventilated metal belt guard.

  • Heat treated steel suction and discharge valves, ensure long life and maximum efficiency.

  • Fully adjustable automatic stop/start pressure switch/starter.

  • Slow revving, low vibration, overload protection.

  • All steel is treated with primer/etch combined with two coats of industrial enamel.

COMPRESSORS COMPLETE WITH:                         

  • DLI approved Australian made air receiver

  • Non-return valve

  • Safety pressure release valve

  • Auto cut in/out switch

  • Easy read pressure gauge

  • Drain cock

  • Heavy duty wheels

  • Quick seal snap release airline coupling

  • Easy lift handles

  • A choice of mobile or stationary base

  • Replaceable inlet filters with noise dampeners for quiet operation

All COMPAK equipment is fully repairable and/or recyclable. Plastics and other throwaway materials are kept to a minimum.