Flexi Lease

HTG has made it easier to finance your power equipment needs for business or private use. Business has the flexibility to lease or rent their equipment based on their individual business needs. Private people can choose to rent equipment and take it home today or enter into lay-by arrangement over a 1 – 6 month period.


Lease Business Equipment

Predictable monthly payments, a choice of end-of-term options and serious tax advantages*. Companies of every shape and size are leasing their equipment and infrastructure upgrades. It makes sense.

How It Works

FlexiCommercial offers your business flexible equipment finance solutions. Our Credit Criteria for Finance vary depending on whether you are an existing or new business and the required amount of finance.

There are six simple steps to getting the finance you need today:

1. Choose the equipment you need.

2. Choose lease type & terms that best suit your needs.

3. With an Operating Lease you pay for the use of the equipment; or


Calculate your Payments


4. With a Finance Lease you pay a pre-determined residual amount at the end of the lease term so you own the equipment outright.

5. Select from a wide choice of payment terms to best suit your budget. Choose a 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60-month terms. Apply online, over the phone or directly through HTG.

6. Sign and return the paperwork, once you have finance approved, and arrange to have your new equipment delivered to your workplace or take it with you.


Why Not Rent – Private & Business Use

Renting makes it easier to get the items you need, available for both private and business use, get approval online or over the phone – before you head to the shops. Or you can apply for approval while you’re in store.


The benefits of renting

1. No cash needed upfront.

2. Upgrade the goods as technology changes.

3. Choose a cost-effective rental term of 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.


Rental Payments

4. Pay one, fixed rental amount per month.

5. At the end of your term, you can simply return the goods, make an offer to purchase them, or by paying 1 extra monthly payment, ‘double time’ the term#, where you can continue using the goods with the benefits of the FlexiCare Program for the extended term*.

6.The goods are covered for theft, accidental loss or accidental damage, in most circumstances, through our FlexiCare Program.

7. In most circumstances, you’re covered if the rented equipment breaks down or malfunctions.




Lay-by is a good way to budget your household spending, HTG® offers flexible repayment options based on 20% deposit over 1- 6 months with no setup fees involved.



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