All About HTG®

All About HTG®

HTG® offers the largest range of generators and lighting towers in Central Queensland.

We supply and, where appropriate, service leading brands of inverter generators, portable petrol and diesel generators, emergency generators, mine spec generators and silent diesel generators, lighting towers, tractor power packs, four-in-one work stations, leads and power distribution boards to customers large and small throughout Australia.

We are an Australian-registered trademark owned by an Australian-registered company that has successfully served Australian industry since 1998.

HTG®’s growth is based on dedicated staff and a passion for excellence.

We have access to world-leading generator manufacturers, enabling us to bring our customers first-class, innovative ideas and allowing us to size and recommend the most cost-effective generator and lighting tower solution for each customer.

We offer generator and lighting solutions for, among others, Federal, State and Local governments, the Defence Force, mining, construction, communications, rural and retail industries, health and emergency services and sporting, lifestyle and leisure organisations. HTG® also provides full turnkey solutions for power analysis, system design, supply, installation and commissioning and programmed maintenance.

Our team possesses a comprehensive knowledge of industry-specific requirements to help clients as they seek to select precisely the right generator for their task. Customers can tap into the HTG®’s knowledge base to help them make a sound, informed and appropriate decision.

Our generators are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities under international quality management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 2000. We use third-party auditors to conduct random checks on each production run to ensure excellence.

As preventative maintenance is critical in reducing the likelihood of breakdowns, HTG® also offers short or long-term programs of scheduled and corrective maintenance, on-site or off-site, and servicing and repair of reputable brands of petrol and diesel generators and lighting towers.


  1. HTG® recognises the importance and value of each individual customer and operates according to a “work with, not against” policy.
  2. We listen, we are responsive and we are flexible in meeting individual customers’ needs.
  3. We deliver quality products and ongoing support that provides first-class value for your investment.
  4. Each member of the HTG® team is specialised, professional, responsive and reliable in each of their respective fields of skill and expertise.
  5. We have a continual commitment to “push the boundaries” as we seek to improve our products and services to continually higher standards.
  6. We always act towards our clients and suppliers with complete integrity and professionalism.
  7. We strongly encourage customer feedback, with the aim of allowing us to measure our performance and use this analysis as part of our continual improvement process.
  8. We provide a “satisfaction guarantee” with all our products and honour all warranty commitments.
  9. Our products and services comply with all relevant Australian Federal and State government regulations.