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High Tech Generators has expanded its generator range by joining with two reputable manufacturers. HTG is an authorised dealer for Yamaha and Dunlite Power Equipment.

This is good news for our customers as we are able to offer an expanded range of inverter generators from 1kva - 6.3kva. 

In addition we have a comprehensive range of portable petrol generators driven by Honda engines and powered by NSM Alternators. 

Our line of diesel gensets are driven by genuine industry leading brands such as Yanmar, Kohler, Lister Petter, W&C Generators and NSM Alternators.

Pre-Delivery Process

All generators sold by HTG undergo a pre-delivery process which includes a rigid run and test phase to ensure 100% compliance to manufactures specifications, in addition this gives us an opportunity to identify any underlying issues prior to customer hand over.

Customers who purchase generators in store or have them personally delivered by HTG are given detailed instructions on how to operate and maintain their new generator as per the manufactures recommendations.

Backup Service Is Important

Backup service is just as important as purchasing the generator, HTG services and repairs what it sells and works closely with all generator manufacture’s to ensure all warranty work is completed in a satisfactory time frame.     

EH1000 Inverter Generator

Price: AUD $1,045.45

EH2000 Inverter Generator

Price: AUD $1,500.00

EH3000 Inverter Generator

Price: AUD $2,500.00

EF1000IS Inverter

Price: AUD $1,180.91

EF2000IS Inverter

Price: AUD $1,726.36

EF2400IS Inverter

Price: AUD $1,999.09

Generator / Fridge Slides

Drop Slide DS40

Price: AUD $613.64

Fridge Slide SL40

Price: AUD $386.36

Fridge Slide SL40SIDE

Price: AUD $386.36